South Florida Hardwood Flooring – From $1.99/Sq Ft

light hardwood flooring installedThere is nothing like a beautiful hardwood floor in a South Florida home. The warm & luxurious feeling associated with hardwood flooring has increased its demand in many areas. There are many different species of hardwood floors, many of which we carry.

Some people prefer darker wood flooring, while others prefer a lighter shade of wood flooring. With so many different kinds of species, hardness, and pattern; making a hardwood flooring selection may feel overwhelming. Our experts are here to help.

If you are looking for affordable hardwood flooring or even a rare exotic species, we have one of the largest hardwood flooring warehouses in the South Florida area. This means you do not need to wait weeks for delivery. With in-stock items, you will be impressed with our timely installations.

Hardwood Flooring – Choosing the Right Type

With so many hardwood flooring types available in South Florida, it may be hard to make up your mind. After all, how do you know if the wood flooring will match your decor? Furniture? Paint?african mahogany hardwood foors south florida

It is extremely hard to look at a picture and visualize how your new floor will look in your South Florida home. This is why Contempo Flooring proudly offers shop at home to most residents.

With shop at home, we listen to what you want. We identify the hardwood floor pricing you would like to stay around, the color of the wood, the hardness of the wood; and more.

After gathering information about what type of hardwood flooring you may like, one of our knowledgeable flooring experts can bring all the samples available based on his findings. This will allow you to put the samples in your home and see how well it fits within your home.

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